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The Peeping Tom

Last Spring, St. Augustine resident Tony B. contacted The Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation about a baby owl who appeared on his doorstep and was peeking through the window of his front door.

He texted us a picture of the friendly "Peeping Tom" so that we could identify the baby and determine if the parents were nearby. The baby was, in fact, a Great Horned owlet, and Tony confirmed that both parents were in the trees keeping watch over their baby. The next day, Kim R., who also lives in St. Augustine, contacted us about a baby owl who was on her front doorstep. She sent pictures revealing that it was indeed a fledgling Great Horned owlet. The owlet had made its way up into a tree topped with a huge fern canopy. He settled into his comfy new nest, safe from pets and predators. Kim also determined that this owlet's parents were keeping watch close by in the trees above.

We discussed the possibility of getting the owlet up off the ground and into a tree on their property using either a platform or large basket as a makeshift nest where the parents could continue to bring him food. By the time we had devised a plan, the little rascal had wandered elsewhere. Tony and his family then planned to keep an eye out in the event the owlet reappeared.

When checking back with Kim about her owlet's status, I texted her the adorable picture of Tony's "Peeping Tom" owlet. She replied that it

looked just like her little one. It turns out that Tony and Kim are next door neighbors, and yes, they shared the same owlet! The best news is our little "Peeping Tom" is happy, healthy, and branching up in the big trees now with Mom and Dad.

We, at The Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, wish to say thank you to both Kim and Tony for so graciously accepting their unexpected appointments as owlet Godparents. Your loving concern and care are appreciated more than you know!!


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