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It's a team effort .. and the public is part of the team!  THE ARK is not funded and can survive only with the help of the public who recognizes and appreciates our willingness to be a resource for wildlife in trouble. It is a common misconception that we are some version of Animal Control, where we are employed by the county to provide a service. The truth is, we are a skeleton crew of volunteers who, just like you, have family/kids/homes/pets/jobs/etc. Donations keep our doors open. There is literally no where to find help for orphaned, injured or compromised wildlife in the community if local wildlife rehabbers are not supported in their efforts to provide this important and valuable service.Your donations allow us to continue to support the wildlife in need. Please contribute and help us continue to be available to you and to our wildlife.  Many Thanks!


we are in this together... because we care about our wildlife


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