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It is our goal to be a safety net for injured, orphaned or ill wildlife.  Orphans are raised with others of their kind so that they can be released with a well established sense of their wild origins, the 'language' of their species, and to avoid bonding with their human caregivers.

Injured or ill wildlife receives compassionate and competent medical assistance from the wonderful veterinarians who partner with The Ark and then they come to stay with us until they are ready and able to safely return to their wild lives.

Alert -  Because of Fish and Wildlife regulations we are no longer able to take in any Muscovy ducks or ducklings. Muscovy ducks are not a native species and are therefore not supposed to be released back into the wild. It does present a quandary for us, but we need to follow the guidelines to keep our permits. If you find a Muscovy, you can call for advice to help them, but due to the above-stated reasons and the high numbers, we can no longer take them into rehab.

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