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What to Do if you Find Baby Bunnies

Baby bunny season is upon us! Know what to look for before mowing your lawn so that you don’t inadvertently disturb a nest or injure the bunnies. Nests often are on the perimeters of lawns but many times they are out in the open areas. Moms do this because predators don’t like going into an exposed area with little cover.
The nest will appear as a small mound of grass that looks askew. The nest is lined with Mom’s fur to keep them warm. If you find a nest and the mother is not present they have not been abandoned. She feeds them and then goes about her way to eat for herself, often in the mornings and at dusk. It’s a good practice to just walk the yard before you mow. If a nest is present, mow well clear around it; and if you have pets that might harm them you can put some portable fencing around taking care to leave an opening big enough for Mom to get through to the babies.
If you find one injured call us for instructions at one of the numbers listed at the top of our page.

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